‘I am a Peace Soldier’ is currently working to promote peace through music, art and the written word.  With the help of the RMIT Globalism Research Centre, we are conducting research into the ongoing conflict in South Sudan and the resurgence of conflict in post conflict environments. This research aims to inform and increase the effectiveness of the campaign and provide a specific focus on South Sudan, where the first of our on the ground projects will be based.

South Sudan

In 2015, the campaign will launch in South Sudan, where we will be working on the ground to promote peace as an alternative to tribal war and violence.

A New Beginning

‘I am a Peace Soldier’ is also involved in the making of a 90 minute documentary entitled A New Beginning. This film is based on the life of David Nyuol Vincent and his upbringing in South Sudan, where he survived famine and war and endured training to become a child soldier. This film examines the potential and impact of personal choice amongst the forces of both politics and policy in both warring and peaceful nations. Ultimately, this film highlights the capacity of individuals to choose peace over conflict and create social change.

Please contact Sarah Lewis for more information about this film.